Happy Labor Day

Wherever you’re working-in office or shop,
And however far you may be from the top-
And though you may think you’re just treading the mill
Don’t ever belittle the job that you fill;
For however little your job may appear,
You’re just as important as some little gear
That meshes with others in some big machine,
That helps keep it going-though is never seen.
They could do without you-we’ll have to admit,
But business keeps on, when the big fellows quit!
And always remember, my friend, if you can,
The job’s more important than the man.
So if it’s your hope to stay off the shelf,
Think more of your job than you do of yourself.
Your job is important-don’t think it is not,
So try hard to give it the best that you’ve got.
And don’t ever think you’re of little account-
Remember, you’re part of the total amount.
If they didn’t need you, you wouldn’t be there,
So always my lad keep your chin in the air.
A digger of ditches, a mechanic or clerk,
Think well of your company, yourself and your work.



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