Is “Zombie” Green the New Blaze Orange?

The recent zombie craze has produced a tidal wave of “zombie” green colored products.  The color helps denote an item as essential to surviving a zombie apocalypse.  But what about life pre-zombie apocalypse?

“You certainly won’t lose this in the woods,” one onlooker exclaimed as he handled a KA-BAR Zombie Knife.  Perhaps the greatest contribution of the zombie phenomenon is the rise of what many consider to be a new safety color.  A new generation of consumers have been exposed to, and in many cases own, products with “bio-hazard”, “toxic”, or “zombie” green features.  Safety is always priority number one when dealing with edged weapons and tools.  Regardless of personal feelings on the topic of zombies, edged weapons are easier to identify and find thanks to the bold color scheme.  A knife that is accounted for is safer than a misplaced knife.  A knife that is not lost is cheaper than a replacement.  And hey, if you find yourself brain-deep in a zombie invasion you will already be one step ahead of the game.  Always prepared, never scared.




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