KA-BAR Artwork Contest

KA-BAR’s creative branch is moving into a new office space.  The office space is in need of inspiring artwork.  Whoever submits the best creation, as voted upon by the employees who will occupy the office space, will receive a KA-BAR knife.  The Guidelines: Image(s) of artwork must be submitted to any KA-BAR official social media channel (video is optional, but a plus).  Contest is open to ages 18… and above.  We will request that the winning artwork be sent to KA-BAR for permanent display.  Contest closes on Sunday, March 4 2012 at 11:59pm est.  Winner will be announced by Friday, March 9 2012 by 4:30 pm est.  You may submit as many entries as you like to any or all of our social media channels.  A listing of these channels is below.  Please tag your post as “KA-BAR Artwork Contest” and tag KA-BAR Knives where applicable.
Suggestions for artwork by employee request: life-size terracotta warriors (2); WWII USMC soldier with KA-BAR statue, large statue of a KA-BAR knife.  Please note you will be required to send the artwork to us if you are selected as the winner.  Though you can use any material you like, you may want to keep shipping costs in mind.  Bonus points for including pictures of the creation of the artwork as well as using a KA-BAR knife.  We recommend using cardboard, paper mache, or other lightweight material.  Pictures, painted/drawn portraits, and other media are also valid entries.


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One Response to KA-BAR Artwork Contest

  1. john says:

    brillant knifes recommed them

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