The KA-BAR Limited Edition BK10

KA-BAR Knives is the proud manufacturer of the Becker Knife & Tool line.  Formerly produced by Camillus Cutlery, Becker Knife & Tool has been a staple in the KA-BAR lineup since 2009.  KA-BAR purchased a number of materials from Camillus Cutlery after the company went out of business.  One item was the BK10 Crewman.  Approximately 185 BK10 blade blanks were purchased.  In 2011, the blades were dusted off, given a KA-BAR stamp, and packaged with micarta handles and offered to the general public as a limited edition knife.  The special knife also features Camillus’ grivory handles and a cordura sheath.  The price of the Limited Edition BK10 is $150 plus shipping and handling and sales tax where applicable.  To order a BK10 call 800-282-0130.  KA-BAR accepts Visa or Mastercard.  Item not available online.




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4 Responses to The KA-BAR Limited Edition BK10

  1. brian shaw says:

    Is there one left? Can I call on Saturday?? What time do they start manning the phones on Monday?

  2. Hello Brian,

    Unfortunately we are now sold out.

  3. Jeremy boutwell says:

    Would like to see the Becker bk10 crewman back in production, thanks for your time JB

  4. Marc Verstraete says:

    Hi Ka-Bar. Make your own version of the BK10, and call it the BK6. Succes guaranteed.

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