KA-BAR: More than Just Combat Knives

To many, the word “knife” conjures images of peril.  However, at KA-BAR Knives, the word “knife” stirs different emotions.  Safety, security, and preparation come to mind when crafting a knife at KA-BAR.  Though the role of any tool is ultimately decided by its end user, all KA-BAR Knives are designed to be versatile and resilient.

In the military, knives are truly more tool than weapon.  From opening MRE’s and digging trenches to cutting paracord and web gear, knives are a daily staple of a soldier’s life.  Military-issued blades are a tradition stretching back to antiquity; a connecting thread for soldiers throughout history.

Law enforcement and first responders who carry knives also benefit from their utilitarian value.  Tangled seat belts are removed with ease, glass is broken from a flipped vehicle permitting escape, and clothing is cut away from a life-threatening injury.

Field food preparation is also a natural task for knives.  The KA-BAR Becker Knife & Tool line of knives, designed by Ethan Becker of The Joy of Cooking fame, can handle rugged outdoor tasks as well as campfire needs.  To make a KA-BAR ready for food prep simply clean the knife with a food friendly cleaner, such as mineral oil.

Here are some of our picks for KA-BAR’s with the most utilitarian value.

KA-BAR Full Size Black #1211

KA-BAR Becker BK3 Tac-Tool

KA-BAR Becker BK5 Magnum Camp

KA-BAR Mark I #2221

KA-BAR Heavy Duty Warthog #1278

KA-BAR Johnson Adventure Blades Potbelly #5600

KA-BAR Original Hobo #1300



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