Designer Spotlight – Tactical Defense Institute

KA-BAR Knives Designer John Benner and the Tactical Defense Institute are our feature in the latest edition of the KA-BAR Designer Spotlight.

Mr. Benner designed the Original TDI Law Enforcement Knife currently produced by KA-BAR Knives.  A former Police Lieutenant, Drug Task Force Coordinator, and SWAT Team Tactical Field Commander, Benner has more than thirty years experience in the law enforcement field.  He has developed courses for raid tactics, defensive tactics and knife programs that are currently taught to law enforcement, military and civilian groups.

Designed by an officer with officers in mind, TDI fixed-blade knives are meant to be worn at the off hand and draw like a pistol.  In extreme close quarters where a suspect is attepting to take an officer’s handgun, the TDI fixed-blades are available as a last defense option.  Coupled with friction sheaths, the units easily mount on an officer’s pant belt and conceal behind the various gear worn on a duty belt.

The Tactical Defense Institute (TDI) is located in West Union, Ohio and provides training for civilian, law enforcement, and military personnel.  For additional information please visit .  For additional information on KA-BAR Knives please visit


Original TDI Knife




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2 Responses to Designer Spotlight – Tactical Defense Institute

  1. Dan says:

    The TDI knives have always intrigued me. I really need to get my hands on one at some point.

  2. Very interesting article, Mr. Brenners credentials are quite impressive. I’ve been meaning to pick up a TDI or two, this article is not making it any easier to resist!

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