KA-BAR Designer Spotlight – Ethan Becker, Becker Knife & Tool

Ethan Becker is an avid outdoorsman with a wide array of successful, innovative outdoor equipment designs under his belt; from Eagle Industries Becker Patrol Pack to the CMI Figure 8 Descender and other mountain climbing gear that has been in use world-wide since 1974.

Mr. Becker created Becker Knife and Tool Corporation in the early 1980’s. He set about designing, manufacturing and selling the industrial-strength tactical and survival knives he had always wanted for himself.

Mr. Becker spends as much time as possible in the outdoors testing a variety of his equipment and knife designs and also works to expand his outdoor skills. He is an avid reader of history and enjoys martial arts and hunting.

Introduction to KA-BAR line: 2007

For more information visit www.ka-bar.com

The BK2 Campanion



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One Response to KA-BAR Designer Spotlight – Ethan Becker, Becker Knife & Tool

  1. I’ve always thought Mr. Becker teaming up with KA-BAR to be a fantastic idea (and combination of talent). I hope this collaboration runs long and deep, I have been very impressed with all of the Becker knives done by KA-BAR.

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